Making yoga accessible for all.


Our Mission: We make yoga accessible to those with chronic pain, illness and limited flexibility in Los Angeles's South Bay community

Our Vision: To generate awareness about the therapeutic benefits of yoga for all, but with an emphasis on those with physical limitations

When Katie Stewart-Singh, founder of South Bay Yoga Therapy was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 23, her whole world turned upside down. This recent college grad turned young professional, full of hopes, dreams and opportunities could suddenly barely walk or move her arms.


After the first year of pain and frustration, while juggling medications and health care professionals, Katie began researching how to manage her own symptoms. She learned that her diet and gentle exercise could help alleviate pain and improve her body's overall function. Yoga was a huge contributor to a new leaf that was beginning to turn. And after 12-years of practicing yoga, Katie decided she wanted to help people with limitations like her own, people who could improve their wellness with the physical and mental benefits of yoga.   

Katie received her yoga teacher training and certification from YogaFit and is an Internationally recognized Accessible Yoga Ambassador

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